5 benefits of playground shade structures

Playgrounds need to be a safe place for children to use their imagination, exercise and enjoy the carefree play. Part of our safety recommendation is to install shade structures to protect kids from UV rays on and around the playground equipment. Shade not only makes the structure more enjoyable for children and families but adds a distinctive, cool look to your space. 

Here are 5 benefits of adding playground shade structures…

  1. Protects against UV rays.

The most important reason to provide playground shade is to have a form of protection from UV rays. This is most important during mid-day hours which is usually when playgrounds are the busiest and when sun rays are the strongest. Shade structures provide desired relief from the heat and keep kids cooler. We recommend that before building your structure, if you can, consider factors such as size and sun exposure. For example, a playground near trees will naturally provide more shade and cooler temperatures than one built out in the open.

  1. Playground equipment will be cooler. 

If a playground is exposed to sun for too long it can over-heat and depending on how hot your temperatures rise, could injure a child. Shading can prevent children from getting burns in the summer and even in the winter if the sun is on it too long. Many playground materials absorb and conduct heat even when the air is cooler, so adding shade will prevent too much sunlight and over-heating.

  1. Your equipment will last longer.

Playground shades will protect against long durations of direct sunlight which will increase the life of your equipment. Long-term sun exposure can lead to fading and cracking over time which can be hazardous for children playing.

  1. Protects against other weather conditions.

Typically, we think of shade only protecting against the sun, but it can also shield your play equipment from other damaging weather like hail and ice. Shade structures are usually made from metal posts and can have metal or fabric canopies. 

  1. Financial assistance. 

Did you know that the American Academy of Dermatology offers incentives for installing shade structures on playgrounds?  The AAD Shade Structure Program offers up to $8,000 in grants to public schools and nonprofit organizations towards installing permanent shade structures for outdoor playgrounds. To learn more about this, visit https://www.aad.org/ssp/.

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