Ages 5-12 Years

A School Supply Distributor firm for over 85 years, Latta’s School Furnishings & Playgrounds has evolved from a School Supply Company, to a manufacturer distributer providing integrated learning environments.


All the structures we sell are go beyond just decks and climbers put together. Each playset is evaluated to promote physical and social activity. We can customize many of our products to suit your needs.

Swings and ADA Swings

Handicap accessible playgrounds allow everyone to play. Lattas Playgrounds has experienced with ADA accessible play areas. We offer ramps and surfacing so access is available to all children.

Free Standing Components

Whether it is climbing, sliding, balancing or other activities we an add variety to your play with a wide range of components

Art and Play

Holes cut in the shelves provide a handy place to rest paint cups and brushes, and the window rewashed for reusable fun. Does not include paints, brushes, or supplies.

Outdoor Sports

Our sports equipment supplier provides materials for athletic complex renovations plus our installers will assist you complete any project. We offer goals and nets for every outdoor game designed for all ages.

Field & Court Products

Look at Latta’s for tetherball, badminton, tennis, pickleball, product lineup for other options as well.

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