Ages 2-5 Years

A School Supply Distributor firm for over 85 years, Latta’s School Furnishings & Playgrounds has evolved from a School Supply Company, to a manufacturer distributer providing integrated learning environments.


Draw kids closer to nature by providing a real garden by engaging them to nurture the growth of their plantings and the joy of their results.

Musical and Art Play

When allowed to create, children can access their creativity and innovative spirits. This facilitates academic achievement by boosting memory, math, reading, and language skills.

Trike Play

The Trike Path helps keep trikes and riders safer, away from other playground traffic. Easy to set-up, change, and maintain the Trike Path instantly improves the playground experience.

Dramatic Play

Themed elements allowing the children’s imaginations to adapt to the child-sized components of many outdoor environments.

Sensory Sand and Water Play

Sensory Sand and Water Play Centers from several manufacturers of colors and features, so contact us and you will find the perfect fit for indoor and outdoor play. Our product offering sensory tables can hold sand, water, small toys and other fine motor play materials.

Inclusive Play Equipment

At Latta’s, we believe in providing more than just accessible playground equipment. We strive to create complete, integrated environments so that children with special needs are provided the same play opportunities

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